Thursday, January 29, 2009

Recommendation - Surface Design Association

The Surface Design Association is committed to "educate, inspire and provide opportunities in the field of surface design." Although you will find members of the organization who utilize almost any kind of surface design, SDA also includes members in all areas of fiber and promotes study in technological advances. The organization includes not just individuals, but academia and industry among its members. A sampling of the media and techniques explored by SDA members includes: dyed fabric, discharged fabric (remove color), batik, felting, embroidery, basketry, digital prints on fabric and other materials, weaving, knitting, knotting, crochet, screen printed fabric and painted fabric. There are many other ways to alter fabric that are used by the diverse membership - this is just a sampling.

The organization publishes the quarterly Surface Design Journal, as well as the Surface Design Newsletter. The journal is exceptional with full color images and thought provoking articles. The newsletter features articles on members, resources, deadlines, a student corner, process articles, and professional information.

In the fall, I applied for the Personal Development Grant awarded in the fall and spring by SDA. I was thrilled when I received a call from Bette Levy, the Director of Fund Raising at SDA, with the news that I had been awarded the grant. At the time of the call, Bette told me that I and images of my work would be featured in an upcoming newsletter as part of an article she was writing on grant writing. I received the newsletter a week ago and was very happy to see the above page.

If you are a fiber artist working in any media, I would highly recommend this organization. They hold a conference every two years in late May/early June and this is the year! It is held in Kansas City. There are wonderful speakers and workshops and the organization really makes an effort to showcase as much fiber art as possible in conjunction with the conference. To get information on the conference go here.


mary-klein said...

Congratulations on your grant, Rebecca!

I've really been enjoying your blog and appreciate the link to mine.

Best, Mary

Rebecca said...

Thank you, Mary. I love your work, such a new take on still life, one of my favorites.