Saturday, March 28, 2009

Anne Bagby

I just had the pleasure of seeing an exhibit of Anne Bagby's "Prototypes" at the Artist's Showplace. Wow, is it amazing work! Here is her website. Also, you can download an article about her from the Artist's Magazine here. Scroll down to find where you can register for the site and read the article (permission granted by the Artist's Magazine).

In person, her work is so dimensional and has an incredible amount of depth. She layers hand made papers, paint, images, drawing and sometimes more dimensional material such as wood to create her collages. Some are stitched as well, sometimes with a sewing machine and other times with looped yarn. The Prototype work I saw was figurative, decorative and she also had several pieces that focused on typography. There is so much going on in these small pieces (they were all 12" x 12") that I went back around the room several times to take it all in. Here is another link with some images of her work. Highly recommended.

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