Saturday, March 21, 2009

Recommended blog posts

I enjoy reading the blog posts from Ed Winkleman. He owns a gallery in NYC and shares good information for artists. Ed has written several posts on gallery representation including this one.

Second, is Joanne Mattera's review of fiber at the Armory Show. Joanne is a big supporter of work in fiber. Go read her review and see examples of the work here. Also, pay attention to the last line of her first paragraph for some very good advice.

Finally, this morning I read a post by Loretta at pomegranates and paper. Read her post here. Loretta was writing about her daughter going to art school and whether or not in these economic times it makes sense for her daughter to pursue this kind of career. Good advice and good comments, too - read Paintdiva's comment in particular.


Sandy said...

I am so glad you are back. I only found your blog a little bit before you relocated.

I want to thank you for the photo of Judy Pfaff's work. While you were away I was asked to take over a collegue's design principles course while she is ill. (which is something I love, and wouldn't mind taking over entirely). anyway, the session on Thursday was about form. and it was soo cool to be able to show them how an artist who takes line, shape, colour, and texture and turns them into 3D.

Actually I could see why her work resonates with you. they are almost like a 3D version of what you do.

Looking forward to see more of your work as you settle in.
Sandy in the UK

Rebecca said...

Thanks Sandy! Isn't Judy Pfaff's work amazing? She is also quite prolific which is incredible considering the size and volume of her work. And, as you pointed out, I love those lines!

Good luck with your teaching! You sound like you really enjoy it which is wonderful for your students. I find I regularly learn from my students which makes my own work stronger. I really enjoy a collaborative atmosphere.

Take care,