Thursday, April 9, 2009

Self Analyzing

Collage, 5" x 7", found papers, color aid paper, pen, 2009

Collage, 5" x 7", found papers, ink, 2009

Spinal (detail), 45" x 18", wool felt, thread, 2008

Untitled, Judy Pfaff, 2007, layered/perforated paper, found images, ink, acrylic paint, 18 1/4" x 23 1/4"

Untitled #23, Judy Pfaff, 2007, ink, found images, acrylic paint, perforated paper, 18 1/4" x 23 1/4"

the thing with feathers, Judy Pfaff, 2008, burnt/folded and perforated Crown Kozo paper, ink, dyed coffee filters, found images, silk flowers, binding wire, pressed fauna, 96" x 96"

So, what do all these images have in common? Not much, really, except the first three are mine and the last three are Judy Pfaff's amazing work. The analyzing came about because I am and have been working with wool felt, industrial felt now and a raw wool felt product prior to that and working very minimally, letting the stitching move to center stage. Now I seem to be obsessed with layering and adding and combining lots of imagery to make visually rich artwork. Is it better than what I am doing with wool felt? I don't think so. But it is satisfying to work so differently. Judy Pfaff's work just blows me away. She combines so many elements yet they all work together. The constant in my work is always line. I think that is why I'm so attracted to the first two artworks of Judy's - that seductive, amazing line work.

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