Thursday, May 21, 2009

Making a living with your art

There is a very interesting article published by the New York Times called Tight Times Loosen Creativity. The NY Times put out a call for artists to share how the economy is affecting their lives and work. The author, Robin Pogrebin, discusses how the downturn has, in fact, contributed to an upturn in creativity. Basically, artists who did work for specific clients and no longer have that income, are being freed to do new and their own artwork. Of course, all is not sunshine and roses as everyone has to make some money to pay the bills. They work at odd jobs, many of them teaching, and one young man (who they profile in a video) works at the Philadelphia Museum of Art and makes $12K per year. He is very upbeat and positive about the future, as are many of the artists profiled. One works a typical 9-5 job but does it to be able to go to Spain every year for 5 weeks to paint.

How about you? How has the economy affected you as an artist?


Preparatory Drawing; graphite on watercolor paper; 22" x 30"; 2008; © Rebecca Howdeshell

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