Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A recommendation and artwork posted

I love basketry. I know how to make a coiled, plaited or twilled basket and know the effort that goes into being able to control the material and produce a well done basket. I also love the line of the form and the shadows that produce those astounding secondary (shadow) lines.

Jerry Bleem is a fiber artist who makes 3D forms. His artwork is very formal yet he uses a lot of found materials and when you get close you also see that it is comprised of thousands of staples. I was fortunate to see his work in person at a show curated by Amie, Traversing Fibers.


Wade, fish scales and staples, h: 14.8 x w: 16.5 x d: 11.5 in, © Jerry Bleem



Above two images, The Heart is a Mouth; found papers, staples; 1992 © Jerry Bleem



Above two images, Parable, found paper, thread, staples; 21 1/2" x 24 3/4" x 16"; 2005, © Jerry Bleem

Bleem is teaching at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago this summer. A friend of mine is lucky enough to be going and taking his class.

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