Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Alyson Stanfield and basketry

Alyson Stanfield writes a newsletter weekly and I enjoyed this one - "Listen, read, act, repeat." Alyson discusses how we automatically respond to people "I already know that" when just stopping and listening may open yourself to new experiences. Scroll down to check out this good read.

This title was followed up yesterday by her newest newsletter topic "Stop, and then get to work." This topic refers to falling into the trap of doing endless research or endless searching as opposed to just doing. Alyson writes, "Stop! Stop gathering information, stop looking for something that doesn’t exist, and start doing." Good advice.

You can sign up for her free newsletter to be delivered once a week via email. Highly recommended.

I love this basket by Japanese bamboo artist, Fujitsuka Shosei. See more images at Tai Gallery here.

fujitsuka_shosei_basketryAnd a sketch from my journal based on the image and my fascination with boxes:



Alyson B. Stanfield said...

Rebecca, thank you for the mention and the endorsement of my newsletter. I am so glad the recent issues resonate with you.

I love the baskets at Tai Gallery in Santa Fe. Never been there, but I have met Mary and Rob (the owners). The Denver Art Museum seems to have a few examples of these beautiful Japanese baskets in the collection. And I love love love your sketch based on the basket.

Rebecca said...

Thanks, Alyson! I would love to visit the Tai Gallery, too, I swoon over their ads - they have a wonderful eye for beautiful baskets with such graceful movement.