Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Life, vision, clarity

A few days ago, an article came into my inbox from Mark Forster, the Time Freedom Coach. I have no affiliation with Mr. Forster – a few months back I signed up to receive email updates from several coaches as part of a group offer. His was among them. Forster is the author of the Autofocus System, a system which is a framework to allow your intellect and intuition work in balance.

In the email, Forster talks about how he is experimenting to develop a system even better than Autofocus – even though he is committed to his original product. He hopes that Autofocus will help him to:

1. Get the simple business of running his daily life back on track.
2. Avoid taking on commitments without a positive vision of what they are for.
3. Get a vision of what he is doing in his life.

No. 3 interested me a lot. In the discussion, Forster talks about "hovering around" being one thing, yet wanting another. He wants to have clear focus.


Blue pants collage, found papers, paste paper, print, oil pastels, 5" x 7", 2009

Little City, Pitt pen, pencil, gouache on watercolor paper, 4" x 6", 2009


Deidre said...

Rebecca, I don't have an answer, but more of a sympathetic reaction to your plight. I have the same dilemma. The reality for many of us is that we have to have a source of income and can't just do what we want all the time. The best I can hope for is to do both for now, continuing to develop my art as I maintain the income stream and hope that one day the work will be a strong enough source of income that I won't need to continue the other. And if that never happens, well so be it. I know that things can always be worse and I try to stay positive about where I am now.

Rebecca said...

Thank you, D. It is good to hear your perspective and empathetic voice. I appreciate it!