Saturday, June 27, 2009

Recommendation – Eleanore Mikus

Here is an example of Eleanore Mikus' artwork with her lines caused by the folding and re-folding of paper. Images from her website below:


Three Horizontals, folded nacre paper, 1968, 13.625"x10.5"


Architectural White Paperfold, 2000, 5"x14.5"

White Nacre Handfolded Paper, 1980, 33.5"x23.25"

and from her Black Paperfold series:

Ate, Ink on Handfolded Paper, 2002, 30 1/2"x23"

and from her Colored Paperfold series:

Red Ink and Oil Crayon on Handfolded Paper, 2005, 7" x 7 1/8"

I have her book, there is also a catalog from The Drawing Center on her work as well. The book information: Eleanore Mikus: Shadows of the Real by Robert Hobbs and Judith Bernstock; Ithaca: Groton House, 1991. Amazon link here.


Terry Jarrard-Dimond said...

These pieces are so elegant. Just wonderful. I have always felt that simplicity is the highest form of art but I am not always able to follow that path. It's great to see the work of artists who can.

Rebecca said...

I so agree, Terry. I dance on the edge of simplicity myself yet cannot seem to embrace it as fully as artists such as Mikus. I'm so glad you enjoyed it.

Morna Crites-Moore ~Wicked Waif ~ said...