Sunday, June 7, 2009

SDA member show

I had been told prior to my first SDA conference, that the Member Show would be a highlight of the artwork I would see while in Kansas City. As usual, my astute friend was right, it was beautiful with some amazingly innovative and, beautiful, artwork. All artwork was 18" x 18" as stipulated by the requirements. Here are a sampling of my favorites:

natalya_aikensPiter, fabric, digital photo, techniques: printed, transferred, hand stitched, © Natalya Aikens

judy_balesSummer Grass, pipe cleaners, wire mesh, technique: pierced, bent © Judy Bales

peggy_brownFragments V, cotton, flannel, paper, watercolor, techniques: painted, cut, torn, fused, re-painted, quilted © Peggy Brown

sue_cavanaughOri-kumo #5, cotton sateen, procion dye, floss, techniques: makume and ori-nui stitch resisted shibori, dyed, over-dyed, layered, hand stitched, © Sue Cavanaugh


Comfort and Peace; hemp (traditional funeral fabric), perle cotton & synthetic thread; technique: rust dyed, hand stitched, French knots, © Shin-Hee Chin


Sunset Composition; cotton, silk, perle cotton; technique: hand dyed, screen printing, discharged, hand & machine stitched; © Gerrie Congdon

Cycle; buckram, silk organza LED lights; technique:stitched, burned incense; © Xia Gao

This old shirt; canvas, acrylic, waxed linen, found fabric; technique: painted, stitched; © Jane Herrick

The sense of mind; cotton, synthetic fiber; technique: Jacquard woven; © Ji Yeon Hwang

O.K., it looks like I have quite a few more favorites than I thought, so I'll stop here and pick up the rest in a later post. Enjoy!

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