Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Top 200 Artists since 1900

The Times (U.K.) ran a poll asking readers to vote on the top artists of the 20th century. 1.4 million people voted and the results were published Monday (6-8-2009) here. (be sure and click on the artist name for a link to artwork) As I think happens in a public poll, artists who were good at publicity and whose estates keep that publicity going come out on top (e.g. Picasso is #1 and Frida Kahlo is #19). Predictably, women are in short supply in this list. Kahlo is the first woman on the list ahead of Louise Bourgeois (#70) and Louise Nevelson, whose sculpture makes me weak in the knees, is nowhere to be found. (see examples of her sculpture here and here on the Pace Wildenstein site).

imageDawn's Wedding Chapel IV, 1959-60; wood painted white;  9' 1" x 7' 3" x 1' 1-1/2"


Bride and Disk and Groom and Disk, 1959-67, from America-Dawn, 1962, originally from Dawn's Wedding Feast, 1959, painted wood

Next post will be on one of my all time favorite artists, Eva Hesse.

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