Friday, June 12, 2009

Top Artists Since 1900 – Eva Hesse (no. 61)

In my opinion, no female artist has had the impact on art that Eva Hesse had in her short life. (1936-1970). I am particularly enamored of her drawings and her sculpture. Her drawings have a child-like feel to them and she was a master at using color. From the Estate of Eva Hesse site:

Untitled; 1963-64; Collage with ink, gouache and watercolor on paper; 22 x 30"

Untitled; 1963; gouache, watercolor, pencil on paper; 22 x 30"

Untitled, 1963; oilstick, ink and pencil on paper; 8.5 x 11"

Untitled; 1963; collage with gouache, ink and watercolor on paper; 36 1/4 x 27 3/4"

This book on her drawings is worth checking out if available in your area.


Recently, I got the Quilt National catalog for 2009. There is some very strong artwork in this exhibit, in my opinion. I hope to see the exhibit in person in September and will wait to review the show until then. However, on the QN site is a page of the award winners. I'm very impressed with many; particularly the work of Jen Swearington, Sandra Woock, Judy Rush and Anne Smith. Go to the above link and scroll down & look at Sandra Woock's piece. I see the X's, circles and strong vertical lines that reminds me so much of Hesse's drawings.

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jonfeb said...

...seems highly influenced by Klee to me!