Saturday, August 22, 2009

Artist Recommendation – Marilyn Pappas

Marilyn Pappas has been included in exhibits at the Snyderman-Works Galleries in Philadelphia and had a solo exhibit at the Nancy Margolis Gallery in NYC. She taught for many years at the Maryland College of Art and Design. Marilyn will be exhibiting her work and speaking at SOFA Chicago in November.

I'm particularly drawn to her new work titled "The Life of Beauty." Marilyn says about this work that they are "meditations on Western concepts of beauty throughout time." She also states that she is interested in the "imperfection of beauty and the beauty of imperfection." She also talks about the comfort of hand work, the meditative quality and the slow development of her work. You can read more of Marilyn's statements here.

Here are some examples from The Life of Beauty series:

pappasnike pappasnikedet

Nike and the Life of Beauty (left and detail, right); 2006; 102" x 59"; cotton, linen, gold

IMG_0449 marylin002

Left: Nike with Broken Wings (detail); 2002-2008; 68" x 33"; cotton, linen, gold. Right: Venus, Marilyn and the Life of Beauty (detail); 2009; 70" x 52"; cotton, linen

13aAFrWounded 16AFrKallim

And from the Fragments Series: left: Fragment of a Wounded Amazon; 2000; 32" x 23"; cotton, linen. Right: Fragment of Killimachos Aphrodite; 1995; 36" x 15" x 2"; cotton, linen

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Anonymous said...

Marilyn actually taught at Massachusetts College of Art and Design, not MICA