Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Fourth!

For those of us in the US today is the Fourth of July, Independence Day. This day has a lot of meaning for me beyond the celebration of the US declaring independence from Great Britain. My maternal grandmother was born on this day in 1902. She passed away in 1999 just short of her 97th birthday.

She inspired me every day through her work ethic, independence and character. She was an accomplished cook, gardener, seamstress, as well as doing china painting later in her life. It seemed to me as a child, that everything she touched turned to gold, or on Christmas, pink, as growing up she would decorate her pink tree with pink lights and bulbs. It was so magical to walk into that room on Christmas Eve.

I found out later in life that her "talent" came from sheer hard work and perseverance. As an artist, I strive to do the very best I can and sweat through numerous samples to accomplish just that. Some days, I'm very hard on myself for the time it takes to get from idea to product. In reality, if I slow down and enjoy the process, the outcome is so much more enjoyable. It isn't perfection we are after but rather artwork that comes near the imagined final product and most important, evokes the emotion and soul of our ideas. Today, I remember my grandmother and salute her memory by reminding myself of just why I love being an artist.