Sunday, October 31, 2010

Class results

We had a great time during my October Blast class. It is fun and educational to be able to really study a concept or principle in detail and delve into all the ways you can use motion, rhythm and repetition to your advantage when creating composition.
I asked the participants to share an image exhibiting motion in her work and was very pleased with the images chosen:
Rosemary_indigo_sketches_full JeanneBeckLetterRhythms
Above (left) is Rosemary Claus-Gray’s Indigo Sketches.
Above (right) is Jeanne Raffer Beck's Letter Rhythms.
EarthquakeFaults JeanneSimpson
Above (left) is Marcia DeCamp’s Earthquake Faults.
Above (right) is Jeanne Simpson’s Green Heatwave.